Anonymous SAID: Hi. I loveee your page about Mackenzie. And I love that I dont have to open every pic I want to see :). I just have one question. Could you please tell me which photoshoot the third picture on page 23 came from? Because I have been searching for a pic of her when she was that young and smiling like that. It says it was posted on november 22d 2010. Thanks SO much in advance!

Hey, thank you so much for your compliments <3

The pic is from her shooting with Garnet Hill. You can find the link here.

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morangos-sedutores SAID: does she has any brothers or sisters?

No I don’t think so :)

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thetwilightofmysoul-deactivated SAID: follow my blog? fuckyeahrenesmeecullen(.)tumblr(.)com

I have this blog in addition to my personal so I’ll follow you there :)

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morangos-sedutores SAID: does she use glasses?

No I believe that was simply for a photoshoot.

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mackenziefoy SAID: You're in my follow forever! <33

Awww thank you so much :’)

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